Built Environment and Public Health Council Panel

Built Environment and Public Health Council (BEPHC) with sponsorship from the Departments of Environmental Health Sciences and Urban Planning, the Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, and the Food Studies Graduate Certificate Program hosted a panel on March 2, 2017 focused on the intersection of the built environment and health. Five UCLA alumni professionals (Masters of Environmental Health Sciences and/or Urban Planning) discussed how the way we design and build our communities has profound effects on our health, as well as the sustainability of our environment. The panel featured Chanda Singh (Policy Analyst from Los Angeles County Department of Public Health), Rye Baerg (Senior Transportation Planner for Southern California Association of Governments), Clare Fox (Executive Director of Los Angeles Food Policy Council), Uyen Ngo (Health Management Fellow for County of San Mateo Health System Administration), and Jimmy Tran (Active Transportation Coordinator for UCLA Transportation). Panelists stressed the importance of the growing need for interdisciplinary training to address many of our present day challenges. The panel discussion was followed Q&A and networking.