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Admissions Requirements

MS/MPH/PhD Desired Qualifications:

In addition to meeting the University’s minimum requirements, students should have a bachelor's (or master's) degree in public health, environmental health, life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, environmental science, or a related field.  

Applicants with non-science majors who meet the following course work requirements will be considered for admission:

Course Work

  • 1 university-level course or equivalent in Calculus, Linear Algebra, or Statistics
  • 1 university-level course in Chemistry or equivalent
  • 1 university-level course in Biology or equivalent

Students who do not have the prerequisites at the time of application may take equivalent courses at UCLA in their first year.

Prospective doctoral students should contact faculty doing research in their field of interest before applying to the doctoral program. *

MPH/MURP Desired Qualifications:

The Environmental Health Sciences Department and the Department of Urban Planning offer a concurrent plan of study providing an integrated curriculum for students interested in interdisciplinary training on the public health consequences of urban planning.  Students in this program study how public health intersects with urban design and land use patterns, location choices and activity participation, economic factors, equity and social justice, governance and institutional management and planning for sustainability. For more information contact Susana Luis.

Financial Opportunities

The Fielding School of Public Health offers a wide variety of scholarships, fellowships, paid internships and training programs as well as employment opportunities to students and post-doctoral candidates. For more information about these financial opportunities please see the FSPH financial opportunities web page

For more funding opportunities please see the following two pages: Financial Aid & Finances and Graduate & Postdoctoral Funding Search Engine (GRAPES)

Course Descriptions