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We hope the following information and resources will help guide you through your graduate program. Please be sure to read the Masters Handbook or Doctoral Handbook to become familiar with the policies for your respective degree program. The handbooks are a great resource that can help answer many of your questions. 

Program Requirements:

Academic Resources:

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If you have additional questions please contact EHS Student Affairs Officer Susana Luis

Students needing academic accommodations based on a disability should contact the Center for Accessible Education (CAE) at (310)825-1501 or in person at Murphy Hall A255. When possible, students should contact the CAE within the first two weeks of the term as reasonable notice is needed to coordinate accommodations. For more information visit"


Students' Voices

"I've experienced that interdisciplinary nature of the Environmental Health field and how I must apply the knowledge of many academic areas to perform research that furthers the field."

-Samantha Abraham, December 2013

"I learned a great deal from my internship at the Los Angeles County Health Department, and moreover, I really enjoyed it! I worked on an obesity prevention project in child care settings, and was...

-Stephanie Pettit, December 2011

"As an Environmental Health Officer Candidate in the US Navy Medical Corps, I have been impressed with how welcoming the faculty has been in helping me prepare for my future duties. Possibly the...

-Harmony Larson, June 2013

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