Industrial Hygiene Program

Industrial Hygiene Program


The primary academic objective of the UCLA Industrial Hygiene Program (IHP) is the training of professional and research industrial hygienists at the Master and Doctoral levels. Industrial hygienists are environmental specialists concerned with the recognition, evaluation, control, and prevention of worker exposures. The exposures may involve: chemical agents such as flammable and explosive gases, vapors and aerosols; physical stresses like heat, cold, noise, and radiation; biological agents like anthrax and bioaerosols; mechanical stresses like falling objects that might disable or blind; psychosocial effects like poor worker-management relations that may limit worker productivity and comfort; and ergonomic effects like lower back pain caused by carrying heavy objects, or carpal tunnel syndrome in fingers caused by repetitive motion associated with a job segment.

The MS and MPH Industrial Hygiene programs are two-years. Training includes classroom instruction, laboratory exercises, field trips, internships, assignments, literature surveys, computer use, and research. Both MS and MPH programs allow elective units to provide depth or broadening, as the student wishes. Both are accredited by the Acceditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). The programs are geared to produce scientifically sophisticated graduates capable of performing at an advanced professional level and of moving into leadership positions. The MPH program includes a summer internship in industry or a related area. The internship is optional for MS candidates. The MS program includes a research-based thesis or report-comprehensive examination.

The Ph.D. provides advanced training in a research area of industrial hygiene and includes a research thesis on an original topic.

The UCLA IHP is a part of the Southern California Education and Research Center (SCERC) funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the UCLA Center for Occupational & Environmental Health (COEH) funded by the state of California.

IH Program Director: Shane Que Hee at