Internship Program

Student Internship/Field Study Requirements
All students in the MPH Program in EHS are required to complete a 400-hour internship in an appropriate environmental health setting. Internship settings may include:

  • Government agencies or departments
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Local industry
  • Consulting firms
  • Community organizations
  • Advocacy agencies
  • National laboratories
  • University, college, or school setting

Students must write a project summary paper related to the work performed during the internship; the paper must be approved by both the field mentor and the faculty advisor. The subject of the paper may be on the student’s research project, an environmental sampling or analysis activity, or a policy white paper related to the internship topic. Students should seek approval of their intended paper topic from their faculty advisor and field mentor prior to writing the paper to insure that the topic is appropriate.

In the final quarter of the internship project or the quarter following completion of the project, the student must enroll in their faculty advisor’s section of Env Hlth 400, the product of which is the MPH Internship Report that is based on the internship experience. The report should show evidence of originality and critical thought. The faculty advisor assigns a letter grade to the report. Consult the EHS Internship Handbook for more information.