Master of Public Health (MPH) in EHS & Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP)

Master of Public Health (MPH) in EHS & Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP)

Program Description

The Environmental Health Sciences Department and the Department of Urban Planning offer a concurrent plan of study providing an integrated curriculum for students interested in interdisciplinary training on the public health consequences of urban planning. Students in this program study how public health intersects with urban design and land use patterns, location choices and activity participation, economic factors, equity and social justice, governance and institutional management and planning for sustainability.

Program Requirements

EHS Required Courses - must take all of the following (60 units)

  • PUB HLTH 200A: Foundations in Public Health
  • PUB HLTH 200B: Foundations in Public Health 
  • EHS 400: Field Studies in Environmental Health Sciences
  • PUB HLTH 401: Public Health as a Profession
  • BIOST 100B: Introduction to Biostatistics
  • EHS C200B: Foundations of Environmental Health Sciences
  • EHS C200C: Foundations of Environmental Health Sciences
  • EHS 200D: Policy Analysis for Environmental Health Sciences
  • EHS 207: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems or UP M206A
  • EHS 208: Built Environment and Health
  • EHS C240: Fundamentals of Toxicology
  • EHS C257: Risk Assessment and Standard Setting
  • EHS 411: Environmental Health Sciences Seminar
Concurrent degree students will only be required to take one additional (8 unit) elective from courses offered in any of the departments within the Fielding School of Public Health. Students are encouraged to consult with their faculty advisor(s) regarding which course may be most appropriate given their background and interests.


Urban Planning Required Courses-must take all of the following (20 units)

  • UP 207: Applied Microeconomics for Urban Planning
  • UP 211: Law and the Quality of Urban Life
  • UP 22A: Introduction to Histories and Theories or Urban Planning
  • UP M250: Transportation, Land Use and Urban Form
  • UP 281: Introduction to the History of the Built Environment in the U.S

For information on the required Urban Planning electives please consult the Urban Planning website.


Concurrent degree program students must apply and be admitted to both the MPH program in Public Health and the Master's program in Urban Planning. Students who are already enrolled in either program may apply for admission to the concurrent degree program during the first year of residence.

For More Information

Applicants interested in the concurrent program should contact EHS Student Affairs Officer Susana Luis