Paperwork for volunteers is processed by Lulu Wong; please send questions to lwong@ph.ucla.edu.

Guidelines and Required Forms 

Please be sure to read the UCLA Administrative Guidelines for the Use of Volunteers and have the volunteer fill out the required forms below. Completed paperwork should be submitted to Mikah Williams in 56-070 CHS five business days before the volunteer begins their service.

Per Policy

Minors under the age of eighteen (18) need the permission of their legal guardians to volunteer and must complete the liability waiver and supporting documents.

Volunteers must be supervised by UCLA staff or faculty.

Volunteer activities are expected to be part-time and of limited duration.

Volunteers may not be compensated for services.

The volunteer should not be issued keys to buildings or offices. 

Volunteers participating in research activities or who use University research facilities are required to sign the University's patent acknowledgment form UPAY 585.